Avid Outdoor Fitness

We’ve been designing and building some of the most unique functional outdoor fitness nodes in the country for almost a decade. Our Avid Outdoor Fitness catalog includes a mix of trailside Avid Stations and larger footprint Avid FitPods that are designed to host bootcamps and outdoor group fitness classes. All of our outdoor fitness areas are based on functional movement, bodyweight exercise, and frankly, actually having fun while working out.

Avid Fitness Stations can be selected from our catalog, or better yet, we can customize materials and colors for your specific project.

Up and Over Ladder

Push-Pull Pavilion

Quick and Nimble Hurdles

“Award Podium” Box Jumps

Linear series of Hurdles and Ladder

Push-Pull Pavilion

Low Pull Up / High Push Up

“Bar Graph” Box Jumps

Zig Zag Balance Beam

Push Up Circle

Avid Fit Pod incorporates a variety of features

Quick Feet Ground Grid

Up and Over Ladder in pressure-treated timber

Avid Stations can include instructional signage

Linear Balance Beam and Up & Over Ladder

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