Glendora Bike Park

Glendora, California

The overall area of South Hills is approximately 320 acres, and consists of hilly terrain, and has a variety of existing multi-use trails. Many of these trails are steep and rutted, and heavily used by hikers and bikers. The City has been receiving several requests for more public mountain bike features and trails. Lacking these bike-optimized trails, many riders have built “rogue” trails and bike features in an effort to create their own bike park experience. Consequently, the City has removed these rogue features, and has
requested professional design of bike park features and trails to accommodate the growing number of bike users in the area.

We’ve been hired to help refine and improve the existing trail network, as well as envision a one-acre bike park. Our designs provide features and experiences for all skill levels and ages, from beginner to advanced riders. Our intent is to create a “progressive” park where riders can improve their abilities, and continue to find fun and challenging experiences, making them want to return again and again. We are also striving to create a family environment where all are welcome.

Existing South Hills Trail System

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