Complete trails planning, design and construction.

If you want a great trail, put your best foot forward.

Avid Trails is a planning, design and construction company whose mission is to create great trail systems, bike parks and outdoor amenity experiences across the nation. From municipal trails projects to comprehensive trail systems inside the country’s largest master planned communities, our team of trail planners, spatial analysts, landscape architects and trail builders is dedicated to connecting people with nature, providing spaces for healthy outdoor recreation, and helping people have fun outdoors. Whether you have 10 acres or 10,000, give us a call and find out how Avid Trails can help put your project on the map.

Trails for Community Developers

Complete trails and outdoor recreation planning, design and construction for master planned communities, mixed use developments and resort properties.

Backcountry Trail Design + Construction

Master planning, design, field layout and construction of hiking, mountain biking and multi-use trails for cities, parks and public lands.

Trail expertise every step of the way.

Well before we put shovels (or Rogue Hoes in this case) in the ground, an Avid Trails system starts with thoughtful planning. We interview ownership and stakeholders, conduct trail feasibility studies, collect and analyze GIS data, study the land, and most importantly, take great care to understand who will be using the trails and how they’ll be used. We also understand the arena we work in, which can include a variety of environmental and land use considerations, property boundary constraints and other development conditions that can make or break a great trail system. The result is an implementable trails and recreation master plan tailored specifically for your community or property.

The Avid Trails design team includes seasoned trail planners, GIS-based spatial analysts (wizardry!), thoughtful and artistic landscape architects, and some pretty talented graphic, environmental and user-experience designers. What this means for your project is we don’t just draw a bunch of lines on the map. Instead we very carefully consider the entire trails experience for all users and abilities. Starting with sustainably designed trails, to trailhead experiences, wayfinding and signage, and many other awesome things to see and do along the way, our team can provide complete design services to bring your trail system to life.

Our team has over 25 years of experience building trails in a wide variety of terrain and environments throughout the United States. Our construction capabilities include multi-use trails, hiking trails, mountain biking trails, bike parks, flow trails, dirt and asphalt pump tracks, aggregate pathways, trail head structures, trail bridges, boardwalks and more. We have a deep understanding of sustainable trail building principles and build every trail to last. Our construction crew consists of highly experienced operators and hand finishers that compliment our fleet of mini excavators, compact track loaders and other specialty trail building equipment. Our goal is for every trail we build to be beautiful to look at, a pleasure to use, and capable of holding up to whatever Mother Nature throws at it.

Trails Master Planning

Complete trails planning for municipalities and land developers

Pump Tracks & Bike Parks

We design and build awesome flow trails, pump tracks, skills loops, and jump lines.

Trail Signage & Wayfinding

Trail maps, directionals, trailhead kiosks and interpretive displays are all important parts of wayfinding.