Avid Trails offers a wide array of services including planning, design, construction and consultation.

Trails Master Planning

Beginning with in-depth GIS analysis and on-the-ground site study, our team will create a comprehensive trails master plan for your property or project. Master plans are geared toward anticipated users and your goals as a land manager or developer, but often include a variety of trail types and features with strong connectivity to adjacent open space, communities, attractions and amenities. Master plans may also include passive and active destinations, interpretive trail concepts and more. We top it off with geo-referenced data, artful trail maps, and budgets for implementation.

Design & Construction Documentation

Our professional services team is adept at creating complete design and construction documentation, as well as preparing bid packages when required. We work in a variety of GIS platforms, AutoCAD and other 3-D modeling software that creates a streamlined, professional and accurate document set for your project. We are also highly familiar with working alongside land planners, civil engineers, environmental consultants and other consultants involved in bringing your project to life.

Recreation Planning

Our trails master plans are just the beginning. We’re all about creating awesome things to see and do along the way. Driven by the demographics and lifestyles of the expected trail users, we work hard to develop fun, interesting, educational and healthy experiences along your trail system that keep people coming back again and again. Examples include trailside natural play elements, functional fitness nodes, educational destinations, mountain bike skills nodes, meditative spaces, low ropes courses, zip lines, and more.

Trail Construction

Our trail construction crew members are some of the best in the business. From coast to coast, we have vast experience building in a wide variety of topography and conditions. We know a top-quality trail is enjoyable, interesting, and sustainable, and we know exactly how to build it. From a contemplative nature trail to a full-on mountain bike flow trail, we’ve got your trail construction project covered.

GIS Services

Spatial analysis is our secret weapon. Our deep access and understanding of geospatial data helps us identify constraints and conditions that in turn, make our site visits and planning more productive. If you need help analyzing and understanding the opportunities and constraints on your particular piece of land, our GIS department is your go-to.

Trails Signage & Wayfinding

As Avid trail users we understand the need for good signage and what it takes to create a functional, attractive wayfinding system. From trailhead kiosks to directionals, mileage markers, interpretive displays, and of course, easy-to-follow maps, we have complete in-house graphic design and fabrication know-how to implement a first-rate signage package.

Bike Trails and Pump Tracks

Ok. We admit a bias here, but dang we love bikes. Few things in life give as much joy as carving down a well-crafted mountain bike flow trail, so we spend a lot of time honing our design and construction skills to optimize this experience. We also design and build some of the sweetest pump tracks you’ll find anywhere. How do we know this? By the smiles on the faces of all the people that ride them.

Consulting Services

Need trails advice? From planning charettes to trail system visioning, feasibility studies, trails advocacy assistance, and more, we can help answer tough questions and point you in the right direction.