Avid Pump Tracks and Bike Parks

Flow Trails, pump tracks, skills loops, jump lines
and ear-to-ear smiles.

It’s hard to find an amenity that offers more family fun than an Avid Bike Park. Our parks are designed for all ages and abilities, from toddlers with training wheels to thrill-seeking grandparents and everyone in between. You’ll find features and obstacles that build skills, fun and physical pump tracks, and a family-friendly environment that will keep you smiling for hours at a time.

An Avid Bike Park usually starts with a pump track. Our track designs are custom, and can be designed to fit within a specific area. For planning purposes, a level site works best, and a minimum of a half-acre is optimal. Our team handles the complete design + build process from initial sketches to opening day at the track.  We provide full design sets and construction documents, and our pump track construction team is the best in the business. Let us show you why an Avid pump track will become your most popular amenity.

Skills features add fun and technique.

Berms and rollers are all part of the fun.

Avid bike parks are fun for all ages.

Concept plans and construction docs ensure a pro install.

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