Thomas Ranch

Lake Travis, Texas

Thomas Ranch is re-envisioning the Central Texas lifestyle,  master-planning a new 2,200-acre community with more than 3,500 residential units along the Pedernales River. When fully built, the community will include multiple residential neighborhoods, a downtown urban core, a David McLay-Kidd golf course, a luxury boutique resort, a farm to table experience, swimming hole,  multiple schools,  and more. Thomas Ranch plans to offer something for everyone, all connected to nature through an expansive trail network our team is designing. Our challenge is to ensure all residents, whether in the Loraloma club or the greater Thomas Ranch community, have access to the planned amenities. The trail system seeks to connect residents with the land, through more than 40 miles of planned trails on the 1,200 acres of preserved open space.

Some highlights of our trail system include a signature greenbelt around the downtown area, access to many scenic viewpoints, a regional multi-use spine collector trail, and mountain bike optimized trails. We’re thinking about everyone, from golf carts to strider bikes, from horseback to foot and wheelchair.

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